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This is the first time we visited this groomer and absolutely loved it. My Coco came out of there happy as a clam and his haircut was amazing. Thank you, Le Pet Salon. Keep up the good work.

Albert Takhalov


Best in Miami! Best decision we ever made for our fur baby!

Johnny P Louis


Loved it! I showed up with my dog without an appointment and the staff there was really helpful and took care of my needs. Highly recommended!

Jose Sauco


Yelena has been grooming my dogs for 15 years. (I followed her to Le Pet Salon from her previous location). My dogs look great and they don’t mind going for grooming. They’re even happy to see her. The cuts and styling are excellent. I also like that it’s easy to get last minute appointments.

Gonzo The Dog


I was so excited to find such a great professional in Miami! I have two yorkies and I’m used to high end haircuts in Paris and Lena gave me the service and the quality of a top salon! All of my French family is very happy with Lena’s haircut and styling, you can see the real professionals there. The place is very clean too!!! Thank you

Dina Liss


Absolutely the best groomer, and believe me with our three Golden Retrievers and little Pomeranian, we’ve had lots of them. Elena is very kind, caring and professional. She has been taking care of my dog Lola (Pomeranian) for a year. After dental surgery Lola is very sensitive and doesn’t tolerate pain at all. Before every visit to the groomer was like a nightmare to me. Yes, I recommend this groomer to everyone.

Tamara Morgan

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